Heart of Homeschooling Part 1

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The goal of this course is to broaden the knowledge of homeschooling also known as home education, or alternative schooling. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from the information presented, the books read, and also from the experiences of others. At the end of the course participants should have a breadth of knowledge and experiences to give them a strong foundation in the area of homeschooling in order to then share that knowledge with others and apply it in their own lives. The course will also cover topics such as the history of education and homeschooling, personalized learning approaches, college and career life and goals, success in high school, learning styles, and teaching styles. Additional purchase of the book The Everything Guide to Homeschooling by Sherri Linsenbach & purchase or free download of How to Homeschool by Sara Brown required.

What’s Included?

In this course Shannon Carpenter guides you step by step as you explore and learn multiple essential topics all about the homeschooling lifestyle. This course does not earn FPU credit.

  • Module 1: GROW
    • Your Big Why, The Growth Mindset, the Homeschool Lifestyle, Developing a Mission Statement, & Attitude
  • Module 2: LEARN
    • History of Homeschooling & Education, Learning Styles, Teaching Styles, Co-ops, Socialization, and Homeschool Groups
  • Module 3: DISCOVER
    • Unschooling, Unit Studies, Fun Schooling, & Frugal Homeschooling
  • Module 4: CONNECT
    • 5 Keys to Learning, Learning Languages, & Curriculum
  • Module 5: CULTIVATE
    • State Standards, College, Schedules, Routines, & Record Keeping

Product Details

  • The Heart of Homeschooling is a self-paced virtual course with an online community.
  • After completing your purchase you will receive a Google Classroom code. ¬†You will then have immediate access to the course and can complete lessons at your own pace.

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