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We offer two types of Membership you can Register for.

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ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP is only $19.95/year or 50% off with any course purchase.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP gives you full access and includes the following: 

* 10 Steps to Homeschooling Success Plan
* Weekly Homeschooling Habits Tips
* Access to Library of all Homeschooling Habits
*List of Journal Prompts
* Weekly live streams
* Homeschool Planning & Organization Tools
* Homeschool Health Check Tool
* 10% off Discount on courses
* Exclusive discount to Annual Virtual Homeschool Conference
* Private Facebook Group

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP is great for those who are interested in accredited courses. For more info about accredited courses Click Here.

You can start with a FREE MEMBERSHIP and take a look around.
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  • Upgrade to Paid Membership
    Free membership allows you access to Accredited Courses and some Homeschooling Resources. The Free Membership will not expire.
    For parents who are homeschool teaches who would like access to teaching curriculum for their students and other benefits. As a member here is the list of benefits you receive: 5 steps to success plan 20% off Discount on courses Exclusive discount to Annual Zoom Conference for parents and teachers Weekly homeschooling Habits Access to Homeschool Helper (Homeschool Habits, curriculum and philosophy spotlights) Monthly live coaching sessions Homeschool Planning Center Homeschool Health Check Tool Private FaceBook Group
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